Silentbox™ office booths

Phone capsules for calls and negotiations. They allow you to significantly reduce the overall noise in the office by isolating the sound in the booth.

#1 in the vishlist of each office

A sufficient number of soundproof spaces encourages the exchange of ideas. It helps reduce noise levels, increase employee concentration and productivity. Thanks to its compact size, Silentbox booths are perfectly combined with existing furniture and are suitable for use in most office spaces.

Convenient electrics

Charge your laptop and gadgets via USB ports conveniently, no tangled wires.


The structure is easy to disassemble and move within a floor or even to another building.


Special acoustic solutions protect against external noise and ensure privacy inside.

Silentbox acoustic booths


The built-in recuperation system ensures a constant supply of fresh air.

One form. Many functions

Ideal for:
- confidential calls;
- Skype conferences;
- quiet operation.

Customization for the request

Are you an architect working on an office project? Or do you have a special request? Learn about customization options.

How much does noise cost in your office?

63% of employees suffer from distraction, visual noise, and loud sounds in the office. study 1

20% of the employee’s working day is spent trying to focus on a task and finding a convenient place. study 2

50 dB is the upper limit for concentrated work. 60-65 dB — noise level from spoken speech. study 3


Do not be distracted by your surroundings, and perform your tasks effectively.


Discuss the most confidential issues.


Stay in silence, activate your powers.

Silentbox™ Solo office cubicle

Silentbox™ Solo office booth

Silentbox Solo acoustic office booth is perfect for phone calls and video conferences. It is also suitable for Autonomous operation in a comfortable environment. The cubicle is installed within 60 minutes, it can be easily moved, it is equipped with silent ventilation, USB ports, a convenient table for a laptop — it has everything for smooth operation and absolute concentration.

  • External size 110 x 105 x 225 cm
  • Color selection inside and outside
  • The ventilation module
  • Network panel: 1 x 220V, 1 usb port
  • Download the presentation (PDF)

Silentbox™ Duet meeting booth

Silentbox Office Duet is an ideal place for business meetings, confidential one-on-one conversations, brainstorming sessions, and interviews. You will not disturb the office, and the noise of the office will not bother you.

Silentbox™ Duet office cubicle


The Deca-room informal communication area is an alternative to the classic office space. It is Designed for negotiations, development of ideas and individual work that requires concentration or just a place to relax.
The Deca-room consists of 9 pentagonal panels bolted together with powder-coated steel brackets. Inside, there is a comfortable seat for 3 people and a pentagonal meeting table. 2 more people can sit outside.

  • 3-5 people
  • The wall panels are made of ecological birch plywood.
  • The base of the soft seats is made of plywood and chipboard, covered with furniture foam and high-quality fabric.
  • Deca-room size (cm): 800x600, h=400
  • Download the presentation (PDF)

Prices for Silentbox sound-proof cabins

The price includes: eco-friendly materials, quick installation, color customization, delivery - Ukraine, Europe and Worldwide.

Silentbox Solo

3950 USD

  • Office cabin for 1 person

Silentbox Duet

9800 USD

  • Office cabin for up to 4 people


2500 USD

  • Capacity up to 5 people

* - when ordering from 2 cabins individual discounts.

Faster and cheaper than building

Silentbox allows you to avoid the costs that are traditionally associated with an office overhaul.
  • Savings on design services
  • Saving on expensive engineering work
  • Build in one day
  • The cost savings for the conversion
    office up to 40%
    Arrangement up to 6 times
    faster, compared to
    with traditional construction

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    Collaboration with architects and designers

    Silentbox production company invites design studios and architectural bureaus, as well as private architects and designers to cooperate. We are always open to new acquaintances and interesting projects. At the heart of our approach is based on a passion for innovative design and versatility. We value you and your customers, and are ready to provide individual conditions for comfortable work and mutually beneficial cooperation. Download the offer of cooperation

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    The acoustic cabin is like a telephone booth. But it's different.

    Open office, or as it is now fashionable to say «open space», has become a fairly popular solution in the design of the workspace. However, modern research shows that the convenience created for communication and collaboration of employees in this format is largely worsened by noise and lack of privacy. How can I fix this situation?

    The solution has already been invented – this is an acoustic room. The idea was based on an old invention that used to be so popular – a fenced telephone booth. These booths were once made of aluminum and glass and placed on streets where people could retire and call without worrying about being overheard. This is the goal pursued by modern engineers, engaged in the design of a sound-proof capsule for the office. Thus, a new invention appeared on the market – an acoustic cabin. In it, office workers can make important calls, hold a meeting, or just work alone without making too much noise.

    Advantages of office booths

    Noise isolation booths are a modern privacy solution that allows you to find a compromise between the chaotic nature of a modern office and the silence of a separate office. Employees still have a workplace next to all colleagues, but in such a room they can get personal space for their work needs.

    Modern booths have features that make them well suited for the above use. Some of the publicly available options and parameters may include:

    • Portability-many of these capsules are designed for easy movement around the office and even to other places outside the office (in case you need to move to a different address). For such needs, the device can be easily disassembled and transported with you.
    • Acoustic walls with the use of such partitions, the telephone booth will not miss any extraneous noise and sounds.
    • Easy to assemble – most of the booths are easy to install, manufacturers indicate an average time for installation of about an hour.
    • Ventilation system – telephone room keeps cool and pleasant microclimate inside.
    • A wide list of technical equipment of the cabin.

    Acoustic booths for an open office environment can have several design options – they can be designed for one or two people or for an entire team. Note that although the soundproof room is similar to the cab with a payphone, which was popular earlier, but in its manufacture, very different materials are used – durable, which perfectly absorb sound and save space from echo. These modern soundproof office rooms are made of steel, fiberglass, and wood. The design engineers have made it so that the voice of the person inside the cabin is always directed to the sound-absorbing elements, and thus ensuring full sound insulation.

    In addition to providing an obvious need for silence and privacy, a soundproof cabin has a number of less obvious advantages:

    • it gives employees control over the work environment, allowing them to keep quiet when necessary, while providing personal space;
    • it reduces noise and thus improves the mental health of employees;
    • the sound-proof booth helps you tune in to the right mood and atmosphere in working situations.

    Acoustic booths for office include several innovative features that make them more practical than standard insulated cabinets or partitions:  

    • the components are made of durable plexiglass that provides maximum natural daylight to reduce eye strain;
    • it is possible to install power supply elements and sockets in such capsules, as well as an automatic ventilation system with a sensor;
    • each acoustic cabin has insulated walls with echo-absorbing panels to block out external sounds;
    • the office capsule is designed from environmentally friendly materials;
    • they are easy to disassemble and move;
    • due to the stylish design, the cabin will become an innovative piece of interior in modern open space and will fit into any office space.

    A modern sound-proof cabin, which you can buy from us, will significantly improve working conditions. It will improve the company's efficiency and effectiveness, and provide a separate workspace for solving particularly important tasks. You can also use this office booth as a Skype room and make important calls, hold conferences, interviews, and other meetings in it-both online and offline. This useful invention is simply irreplaceable in a modern office with a large staff of employees!