Acoustic Booths Silentbox™

Office meeting rooms from 1 to 4 people allow to increase the efficiency of employees by reducing the overall noise in the open space.
Our cabins have been chosen by market leaders

Why do employees love Silentbox office cubicles?

Adequate soundproofed spaces stimulate the exchange of ideas, reduce noise, increase concentration and increase employee productivity. The process of working in the cabins is as convenient as possible thanks to thought-out ergonomics, technological solutions and natural premium materials.
The cockpit is designed with acoustic materials and isolates up to 35dB of noise, effectively blocking sound waves of different frequencies and volumes
No echo
Thanks to sound-absorbing materials inside the cab, echo is effectively damped, creating a comfortable acoustic environment.
The quiet fan renews up to 30 m³ of air per hour. The location and design of ventilation ducts exclude local stagnation of air and carbon dioxide (CO₂).

Sound mufflers

Air enters the cab through special mufflers. This eliminates the passage of noise through the ventilation inward and outward.

Three-layer triplex

We use safe three-layer triplex in the cabins. Each layer is of different thickness in order to avoid resonance at different sound frequencies.

LED lighting
The cabin is equipped with an LED lamp with a color temperature of 3500-4500 Kelvin and a luminous flux of 450 Lux
USB port and socket

There is an outlet (220V) and a USB port (2.1A) inside the cab. This allows all the devices necessary for operation to be connected to the network.

Smart electronics
Silentbox knows when someone is inside. The cabin automatically turns on and off the ventilation system and lights. Switching on interval 6-8 minutes.
How much does noise in your office cost?
Current research shows that noise is a major problem in open offices. It negates all the benefits of open spaces, increasing stress, impairing concentration and even interfering with communication between people.

In response to this, a new trend has appeared, used by an increasing number of modern companies - collapsible cabins, which allow you to zone the space, provide the desired comfort without erecting walls.

Acoustic cabins located near workplaces solve two problems at once:
1‍. Reduces the general noise level in open space due to the isolation of calls;
2. Additional places for confidential conversations and meetings are being created,
    thereby relieving the burden of traditional meeting rooms.

Any free space in the office, starting from 1m2, is suitable for this format and no rearrangement of all other furniture is required.


employees suffer from distraction, visual noise and loud noises in the office
Source: Sciencedirect


employees spend this part of the day trying to focus on a task or finding a comfortable place.
Source: BBC Capital

50 dB

top rate for focused work. 60-65 dB is the level of noise from spoken speech
Source: University of California
Acoustic booth Silentbox Solo

The Silentbox Solo acoustic office booth is perfect for phone calls, video conferencing, as well as for autonomous work in a comfortable environment. The booth is installed within 60 minutes, it can be easily moved, it is equipped with silent ventilation, USB ports, and a comfortable laptop table. It has everything for smooth operation and absolute concentration.

  • Capacity 1 person
  • External dimensions - 110 x 105 x 220 cm
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Ventilation module
  • Network panel: 1 x 220V, 2 USB ports
Acoustic booth Silentbox Duet

The Silentbox Duet office booth is perfect for phone calls, video conferencing, and communication with colleagues.

A comfortable table and sofas will make your work comfortable and negotiations successful.

  • Capacity 2 people
  • External dimensions - 210 x 110, h = 220 cm
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Ventilation module
  • Network panel: 1 x 220V, 2 USB ports 
The meeting room Silentbox Quartet

Silentbox Quartet is an ideal place for business meetings, confidential one-to-one conversations, brainstorming sessions, interviews. You will not disturb the office and the noise of the office will not disturb you.

  • Capacity 4 people
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Ventilation module
  • Network panel: 2 x 220V, 4 USB ports
  • External size (on order) - from 210 x 138, h = 220 cm

Prices for Silentbox soundproof cabins

The price includes color customization.
Individual discounts are provided when ordering from 2 cabins.

Silentbox Solo

Office booth for 1 person
  • Ventilation and lighting regulator
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Network panel: 1 x 220V, 2 USB ports
  • Chair with height adjustment
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Silentbox Duet

Office cabin for up to 2 people
  • Ventilation and lighting regulator
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Network panel: 1 x 220V, 2 USB ports
  • Choice of sofas and table
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Silentbox Quartet

Office cabin for up to 4 people
  • Ventilation and lighting regulator
  • Choice of colors inside and outside
  • Network panel: 2 x 220V, 4 USB ports
  • Choice of sofas and table
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Examples of customization of pods

Your cubicle Silentbox will fit perfectly into the interior of your office,

because you will choose the color scheme for it inside and outside.


When designing the Silentbox silent office booth, the experience of global manufacturers was taken into account, as well as their own innovative solutions were introduced, which allowed us to obtain a patent for our acoustic booth.
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The soundproofed cabin Silentbox creates a space of silence and privacy in noisy areas. Optimal dimensions and well thought-out design ensure a comfortable stay inside.
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Soundproof booth Silentbox Solo 
Soundproof acoustic booth Silentbox Quartet
Comparison of meeting rooms from builders and acoustic booths Silentbox
Silentbox acoustic booths presentation

Comparison: Cabins vs Construction
Booths: below we have listed the main stages of cab installation.
Order cabins
Place your order with the help of our manager. Contract, prepayment.
Cab production
Cabins are produced from 2 to 4 weeks and packed for transportation.
Assembly of cabins
After delivery, the cabins are assembled from 1 to 3 hours. After assembly, you can immediately call and negotiate in them.
If you move, you can pick them up
When changing offices, you can easily transport and reassemble the cabins.
Construction: below we have listed the main stages of construction of conference rooms of similar quality with the help of builders.
Agreement with the landlord
Before starting work, you need to agree on everything with the owner of the office.
Design project
Any construction project starts with a project. It is necessary to allocate a free office space for conference rooms, find a designer and make a visualization.
Contractor search
After the project is created, a search will begin for builders who can do this work.
Calculating the estimate of the entire project
Then the builders will calculate the estimate and plan the work.
Purchase of building materials
Selection of materials from a million options, logistics, movers. That's all at this point.
Connection to active ventilation
You cannot make a meeting room with passive ventilation. There, after 20 minutes, everyone will begin to suffocate. And only specialists can connect to active ventilation, if any.
Glazing project
Conference rooms are made of glass. This is done by specialized companies that make structures from aluminum and glass. Glass must be chosen safe and sound insulating.
Next, you need to pick up tables, chairs, lamps and other decorative elements.
Working with acoustics
In any room, the acoustics are slightly better than in the bathroom. If you don't want to listen to your echo, you need to deal with reverberation. And if you don't want the whole office to listen to your talks in the room, you need to check the sound insulation of the walls and all the cracks after the builders.
Cleaning after renovation
Well, what kind of repair is complete without a heap of debris, dust, and noise from perforators. Everything needs to be cleaned.
In case of moving, you cannot take with you
And if you decide to change office, your conference room will remain for the next tenants.

What should be considered when choosing meeting booths?

We decided to create the perfect booth in which we and our employees would like to work. Therefore, for more than a year, we studied the latest research and collected data on important criteria for assessing the quality of meeting rooms: ventilation and air, the influence of psychoacoustics, panic attacks and claustrophobia, the influence of carbon dioxide, the influence of warmth and brightness of light, and the ergonomics of space. We have taken all these factors into account, and in the Silentbox cabins we have implemented the best technologies that ensure optimal technical and operational characteristics, and even received a Patent for our acoustic booth.
Our mission is to improve employee performance by creating ideal working conditions.
We are always open to dialogue and suggestions, write to us on Facebook or Telegram @svyat_serbin

Best regards, Silentbox founders
Svyatoslav and Evgeny Serbins
Here we have answered the main questions
we receive from our customers.
What is the production time?
Production time for office cabins is 2 to 4 weeks. It all depends on the number of ordered cabins.
Who assembles the cabins?
You can easily assemble the booth yourself by following the instructions supplied with each booth.
Can the cabins be disassembled and transported?
Yes, the booths can be easily disassembled and transported to a new office.
Is there delivery to Europe?
We deliver cabins to any city in Europe and around the world.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, the cabins have a 12 month warranty.
What about the test?
Right now you can get a video presentation and soundproofing tests of our cabins, or personally test the cab in our showroom in Kiev.
To do this, Leave a request to our manager

An acoustic booth as a telephone booth. But it is quite another matter.

An open office, or as it is now fashionable to say "open space", has become a fairly popular solution in the design of a workspace. However, current research shows that the convenience created for employees to communicate and work together in this format is largely impaired by noise and lack of privacy. How can this situation be corrected?

The solution has already been invented - an acoustic room. The idea was based on an old invention that used to be so popular - a fenced telephone booth. At one time these booths were made of aluminum and glass and were placed on the streets, in which people could retire and call without worrying about being overheard. This is precisely the goal that modern engineers have pursued when designing a soundproof capsule for the office. Thus, a new invention appeared on the market - the acoustic booth. In it, office workers can make important calls, hold a meeting, or just work alone without unnecessary noise.

Benefits of office booths

Soundproof booths are a modern privacy solution that offers a compromise between the chaotic nature of a modern office and the quiet of a private office. Employees still have a workplace next to all their colleagues, but in such a room they can get a private space for their work needs. Modern cubicles have features that make them well suited for the above use. Some of the publicly available options and parameters may include:

  • Portability - many of these capsules are designed to easily move around the office and even to other locations outside the office (in case you need to move to a different address). For such needs, the device can be easily disassembled and transported with you.
  • Acoustic walls - with the use of such partitions, the telephone booth will not let in any extraneous noise and sounds.
  • Ease of assembly - most of the cabins are easy to install, manufacturers indicate an average installation time of about an hour.
  • Ventilation system - the telephone room keeps cool and pleasant microclimate inside.
  • Wide range of cab technical equipment.
Acoustic booths for an open office environment can have several design options - they can be designed for one or two people or for an entire team. Note that although the soundproof room is similar to a cab with a payphone, which was popular earlier, completely different materials are used in its manufacture - durable ones that perfectly absorb sound and eliminate echo from the space. These modern soundproofed office rooms are made from steel, fiberglass, wood. The design engineers have made it so that the voice of the person inside the cab is always directed to the sound-absorbing elements, thus ensuring full soundproofing.

In addition to providing an obvious need for silence and privacy, a soundproof booth has a number of less obvious benefits:

  • it gives employees control over the work environment, allowing them to remain quiet when needed, while providing personal space;
  • it reduces noise levels and thus improves the mental health of employees;
  • the soundproof booth helps to tune in the right mood and atmosphere in working situations.

Office acoustic booths include several innovative features that make them more practical than standard isolated cabinets or partitions:

  • components are made of durable plexiglass for maximum natural daylight to reduce eye strain;
  • it is possible to install power supply elements and sockets in such capsules, as well as an automatic ventilation system with a sensor;
  • each acoustic booth has insulated walls with echo-absorbing panels to block outside sounds;
  • the office capsule is designed from environmentally friendly materials;
  • they are easy to disassemble and move;
  • зand due to its stylish design, the cabin will become an innovative piece of furniture in a modern open space and will fit into any office space.

A modern soundproof cabin, which you can buy from us, will significantly improve working conditions. It will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company, provide a separate workspace for solving particularly important tasks. You can also use such an office booth as a Skype room and make important calls in it, hold conferences, interviews and other meetings - both online and offline. This useful invention is simply irreplaceable in a modern office with a large staff!

Cooperation and dealership
The production company Silentbox™ invites for cooperation IT integrators, furniture companies, design studios and architectural firms, as well as private architects and designers. We are open to new acquaintances and interesting projects. At the heart of our approach is a passion for innovative design and versatility. We appreciate you and your clients, and are ready to provide individual conditions for comfortable work and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Let's discuss it now! Use the feedback form or call us! Together we will embody the wildest and most daring ideas!
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