What to consider when choosing soundproof office booths

A comprehensive guide on choosing acoustic booths

Are there gaps in the doors or poor door seals?

Most acoustic booths in the low to mid-price range have very thin doors with gaps.
Patented design of Silentbox Office Booths features door seals without gaps, providing high-quality sound insulation.

How is ventilation implemented?

Often, simple fans are installed, which are either noisy or create poor air pressure to refresh the air inside the cabin.
In Silentbox soundproof booths, we have two extremely powerful yet quiet fans that create a significant airflow. Additionally, you can adjust the airflow using our proprietary touch screen.

What type of glass is used?

Typically, regular glass is used, which can shatter with moderate impacts.
In Silentbox office cabins, we use triple-layered laminated glass, with each layer of varying thickness to dampen resonances across all ranges. Furthermore, a special film between the layers makes this glass highly impact-resistant and reliable. If you were to strike the glass with a hammer, at most, you’d get small cracks, but the glass would remain intact. This type of laminated glass is known as impact-resistant and safe.

Motion sensor inside the office booth

If an acoustic cabin is not equipped with a motion sensor, lights and ventilation are often forgotten to be turned off, leading to unnecessary power consumption. A motion sensor with delayed shutdown also allows for cabin ventilation after use.
Another important criterion is the sensitivity setting of the motion sensor. If a person sits still for an extended period, moving only their legs or arms, simple motion sensors may not detect these subtle movements and could turn off the cabin. In Silentbox soundproof cabins, the motion sensor can be adjusted for delay and sensitivity, ensuring maximum comfort during use.
In cases where an office cabin is positioned along a corridor, low-quality motion sensors may trigger the cabin when people pass by, causing false activations. In Silentbox booths, we can adjust the sensitivity to prevent false alarms.

USB and Type-C ports

The ability to quickly charge your devices during a call is crucial. Silentbox office booths feature standard power outlets, USB ports, and Type-C ports, allowing you to use the charging format that suits your needs.